Frankie’s is a place for those who appreciate healthy food, both for meetings with friends, family or business meetings.

Frankie’s is a scandynavian concept which focuses on healthy lifestyle. Our first Juice Bar with distinguished urban and modern design was set over 5 years ago in Wrocław. It was the first and only Juice Bar in Poland. Our main products are juices and shakes – we have about 25 various kinds in our menu. Besides freshly squeezed and blended juices you can find here other juices and shakes with world’s best “Super Food“ ingredients such as acai, goji berries, guarana, chia, hemp seeds, coconut water. Freshly made sandwiches and salads are also very popular in frankie’s.

During winter season

we also offer special kind of juices – Hot Juices like f.ex. Apple Pie, Sudsy. Tasty and hot will warm your whole body up. We don’t add any preservatives, no extra sugar to our products. We carefully choose the right ingredients so every product has full nutritional value. There are four frankie’s in Wroclaw, one in Cracow and Olsztyn, one in the center of Warsaw on Nowy Swiat Street, one in Poznan in Posnania – the second biggest shopping mall in Poland. Currently we are working on openings of second premises in Warsaw next to subway station Politechnika and in Poznan in Avenida.

basic requirements

While choosing a franchisee the most crucial for us is the person who will stand behind the project. We believe that human capital is the main driver to the success. We want to be sure that our brand will be represented in a proper way. That is why passion, commitment and personality are significant elements of our brand. We are excited to share with you our concept and start the collaboration. The local should measure from approximetly 60 to 100 m2. We will support you in finding the right location.

The estimated investment budget

Deposit 30.000 – 75.000 pln
Machines 60.000 – 100.000 pln
Building 60.000 – 150.0000 pln
Design 20.000 – 50.000 pln
Liquidity 15.000 – 50.000  pln
Other 25.000 pln
Total 210.000 – 360.000 pln

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what do we offer to our franchisees?

  • know-how – knowledge about products and customer service
  • access to the business operating software systems
  • strong brand
  • special trainings – Juice Academy
  • modern design
  • contact to suppliers
  • 2 weeks assistance/support after opening regarding shop operations, suppliers, employees organization etc.
  • the knowledge how to monitor investment (budget, investing budget, profit & loss account)

Franchising fee is 5% of gross sales.

expected profit

Our goal is to generate 10-20% profit after deduction of costs, which we estimate for 2-4 years. Cogs is <35%.


Katarzyna Laursen


Bartłomiej Konieckiewicz

general manager

Marcin Węgrzyn

events manager

Martin Hofman Laursen


Stefano Giacon


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