frankie’s is a place for people who appreciate healthy food, to meet with friends, family or for business meetings.

Currently, in Poland you can find 2 frankie’s in Wrocław, 1 in Krakow & Olsztyn, 2 in Poznań and 1 in Warsaw.

our basic requirements

When we choose a franchisee, the most important thing for us, is the person behind the project.

We believe that human capital is what drives success, therefore your passion, commitment and personality will be very important to represent well our brand.

The ideal size for a frankie’s should be between 60 and 100 m2 with possibility to have extra m2 for couple of tables outside. In case you won’t have the right location we will offer our support for the research.

what we offer

  • Knowledge about products and customer service
  • Access to our softwares for operations
  • A strong brand
  • Unique trainings (Juice Academy)
  • Modern design
  • Contacts to suppliers
  • 2 weeks of support after the opening
  • The knowledge of how to monitor the operation of the business (budget, liquidity budget analysis, investment budget, cash flow analysis)

The franchise fee is 5% on the sale.

The initial payment is PLN 10,000.

expected profit

Our goal is to generate 10-20% of the profit for the franchisee after deducting all costs.

We estimate the return on investment for 2-4 years. The cost of goods sold (cogs) is <35%.

the estimated investment budget starts from PLN 150,000

full offer (PDF)

do you have additional questions?

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