We organize events where we make or deliver juices, shakes, salads, sandwiches and other snacks. Besides our basic products we prepare finger food, mini fruit salads and other healthy snacks, which we can adjust to your needs.
We cooperate with a diffrent companies, take part in sport events, festivals.  If you find our offer interesting and would like us to be a part of your event – let us know. We are excited to bring juicy, healthy vibes to your company.

We cooperate with companies like: Hasta La Vista, Survival Race, Euro-sporting, Mc Kinsey, Bright One,, Catlin, Axiom, AON, Luxoft, Multievent, Speedfly, Zona71

“We are glad to inform that the cooperation with you during our youth football tournament was great. Kids were extremely happy to have a chance to try your fresh and tasty juices.
Your juices are very nutritious and above all tasty. With full responsibility I would like to recommend your products to every guest of your shops.”

Mateusz Zieliński of Euro-Sportring

Frankie’s is our parter, always takes part in our events. Their shakes and juices give the energy back, quench the thirst and taste amazing.

Survival Race


Katarzyna Laursen


Bartłomiej Konieckiewicz

general manager

Marcin Węgrzyn

events manager

Martin Hofman Laursen


Stefano Giacon


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