Honesty is a lifestyle

We do not make juices that will suddenly equip you with all sorts of superpowers, or juices that will make you a heartbreaker or suddenly allow you to lose weight without any effort. All of the things mentioned above you have to earn yourself. We can only guarantee, that our juices will always be the same – fresh and healthy, and that you will be welcomed with a smile on our faces, just the way you are, the rest is in your hands.


Without a doubt world has recently picked up speed, which is why it is hard to slow down, to grab the moment – especially in a big city. In the age of ultrafast Internet, news that are overflowing us from everywhere, flood of necessary gadgets and a blast of marketing promotions everything suddenly become more and more complicated. We believe that the key to the harmony is simplicity – a return to what is natural.


Katarzyna Laursen


Bartłomiej Konieckiewicz

general manager

Marcin Węgrzyn

events manager

Martin Hofman Laursen


Stefano Giacon


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